We make things way too clear…

Clear as mud, really.

When I open up a blank draft for a blog post, if I don’t already have a title in mind, I sit and focus on the lyrics of whatever song is playing until I hear something that could possibly represent what I had planned to write about. Sometimes I need to wait until the next song to find a fitting title. Though most of the time, regardless of what I end up using, it doesn’t actually make sense to anyone but me anyway.

I’m sure I don’t need to mention who is currently playing in iTunes right now. He shall remain nameless as the last SIX POSTS revolved around said name, and things are starting to get creepy and weird a bit excessive.



I haven’t worked on either the Ben & Marina story or the Kate & Michael story in weeks. Things were dragging and sputtering as it was and I hadn’t put anything more than a handful of words down on the page in too long. Then I had a questionable dream that sparked a questionable writing idea that morphed into something completely different that I started cranking out dialogue for. (No, it wasn’t the Andy Grammer and a platypus dream…although…nevermind.) And then somehow that project reminded me of a character I created years ago and I had the brilliant idea to revive said character into a new storyline and now I’m sitting with two new projects that have been occupying my mind for a few weeks now.

Still writing. Just writing different things. Par for the course, I suppose. But frustrating nonetheless. I had made such significant progress on the Ben & Marina story and now…nothing.

When I wrote my “grand masterpieceChances Are…fourteen years ago…I created the Chance Records label. (And the Mountain Reel Pictures movie production company.) (Apparently there was once a real Chance Records label. But fourteen years ago I did not have internet access and had no way of Googling such things. ((Never mind that Google didn’t really exist then anyway…I suppose I could have Yahoo-ed it. But again…no internet.)) And I’m not about to change it when none of my writing will ever get published anyway.)

Where was I?

MY Chance Records.


I created the record label specifically for that story. When I was done with that project, the gears kept turning on the possibility of more CR artists. I know absolutely nothing about the music industry (as is glaringly obvious by anything I write about it) but writing about musicians fuels and feeds both my music obsession and my need to write, so it became a running theme through the past fourteen years of writing. There has been a lot of complete and utter crap produced, but there are a couple of projects that are still in the active pipeline.

In the Chances Are story, aside from the singing group named Chances Are, there was another CR artist that played a small but notable role in the timeline. Since its creation, I’ve kept a running list of CR artists and that one singer always stood out in my mind. Probably because he was the second ever CR artist. I don’t know that I ever really planned to revisit him as a potential story all on his own…but now he’s the focus of the latest Chance Records connected story, along with a few other reoccurring CR-related characters.

Sure it gets confusing as hell, but I like the idea of so many of my projects being interconnected like that.

Of course this particular project dredges up the problem with the Name Game all over again because one of the reoccurring CR-related characters is named KATE and…well…she has been Kate longer than any of the other Kates have been Kate so she gets to keep her name. For now. Unless I finally find something I like better. Which I don’t see happening.

But I won’t say never.


I try to convince myself all of these Kates are okay because in each project Kate is short for something different. There are a lot of choices to derive the name Kate from. I could just start referring to all of them exclusively by their full name and eliminate any confusion between stories.

Or so I tell myself.

But I like to keep things as confusing as possible.

It’s what I do.

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