Something you want to say?

Love letters?

Hate mail?

Form letter criticizing my complete lack of SEO? (You assholes are the reason I took down the contact form I had here. Spam ain’t cool, Kids.)

Leave a comment on any post. It doesn’t matter if it pertains to the actual post or not. I don’t pertain to anything. You don’t have to either.

Send me an email: sara yellin [at] g mail [dot] com (Just don’t forget to format it properly.)

Tweet me on Twitter @aliasbob. I spend a lot of time annoying the masses (or just talking to myself) over there.

Facebook? Yes I have a Facebook account. But I haven’t touched it in a very long time. You can ask to be friends. Maybe your request to be friends can convince to me to change my mind about using the site. Stranger things have happened.

Just don’t be an asshole.

Because that would require me to start hucking rocks at you.